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03 October 2010 @ 01:42 pm
Hello and good evening. Real life forces me to sell my old Japanese Idol magazines, since I can use every penny I can get :)
Most magazines are from 2006 and a few from 2007. They basically feature most Johnny's who were active back then and thus I will refrain from listing them for each magazine! If you want to know the full list of idols and actors featured, please let me know.
All of these magazines are in excellent condition and look perfectly new and unread for the most part.

Information about payment and shipping at the end of this post.

And now.. please have a look :)

2006 APRIL ISSUE 7,50€ / 10$

- one double-sided "solid pin-up" of KAT-TUN
- NEWS sticker sheet (only 3 of the really tiny round sticker missing)
- Kanjani8 Poster
- KAT-TUN "Real File" with lots of pictures

2006 AUGUST ISSUE 7,50€ / 10$

- Yamashita Tomohisa poster
- one double-sided "solid pin-up" of Kamenashi Kazuya (one side is gold)

2006 SEPTEMBER ISSUE 7,50€ / 10$

includes one double-sided "solid pin-up" of Kanjani8

2006 JULY ISSUE 6,50€ / 9$
(the front page has a little dog ear)

- double-sided poster (Okada Junichi / Arashi)
- double-sided "solid pin-up" (Kanjani8 / KAT-TUN)

2006 SEPTEMBER ISSUE 7,50€ / 10$

includes: one double-sided "solid pin-up" of Kinki Kids

2007 JUNE ISSUE 7,50€ / 10$

- one double-sided "solid pin-up" (YamaPi / Kanjani8)
- one double-sided poster (KAT-TUN / lots of Johnny's Jr.)

2007 JULY ISSUE 7,50€ / 10$

- one double-sided "solid pin-up" of KAT-TUN
- one double-sided poster (NEWS / Kanjani8)

2007 MAY ISSUE 7,50€ / 10$

- one double-sided poster of KAT-TUN
- one double-sided "solid pin-up" (Junno / Koki)

2006 SEPTEMBER ISSUE 7,50€ / 10$

- KISS & LOVE Super Sapuri Book Summer 2006 & Young Song 9
- KAT-TUN Poster
- KAT-TUN pamphlet thingie with lots of pictures, quizes..

2007 APRIL ISSUE 7,50€ / 10$

- Young Song 4 & "Daisuki ♥ MYOJO Photo Grand Prix 2007"
- NEWS Poster
- KAT-TUN pamphlet thingie with lots of pictures

2007 JUNE ISSUE 8€ / 11$

includes one double-sided KAT-TUN poster

FINEBOYS +Plus HAIR 8,50€ / 11,70$
- Oshare Hair Katalogue '07 - '08 AUTUMN - WINTER

featuring: Koyama Keiichiro (obviously), Kinki Kids, Tackey & Tsubasa, a few actors and lots of pretty boys with pretty hair

7/10 2006 6€ / 8,30$

featuring: 9 pagesof Domoto Tsuyoshi/ ENDLICHERI ENDLICHERI, DREAM BOYS, Nishikido Ryo, Hirai Ken, B'Z, Kimura Kaela and a lot more artists

And as a special freebie:

The first person to buy 2+ magazines gets these 3 original shop photos as freebie.

Payment via Paypal (or for German buyers alternatively: Überweisung)
Costs for shipping are well.. I'll check the prices for every buyer, according to where you're from and what you're buying after you told me about that :)
07 August 2010 @ 09:49 pm
Als ich gelesen hab, dass Kolibri ein Jahresabo im Wert von 1000€ verlost, kam mir nur ein Gedanke: MITMACHEN!

Es war zwar echt schwierig mich auf ein Lieblingsteil festzulegen, aber letztendlich habe ich mich dann für diese Übergangsjacke von Bench entschieden.

Der Grund dafür ist ganz einfach: Die einzige Übergangsjacke, die ich momentan mein eigen nennen kann, ist viel zu groß und sitzt an mir so gut wie ein Sack und hat auch sonst eigentlich keine nennenswert positiven Eigenschaften. Und aus diesem Grund muss eine neue her bevor ich, wenn es wieder kälter wird, wieder mein Ungetüm anziehen muss.

Viel, viel lieber würde ich die schlichte aber superschöne Jacke von Bench tragen und so den kühlen Tagen wohlgekleidet trotzen :)
30 December 2007 @ 07:15 pm
I will use it one day. One day.